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The best method of searching for an invisible gold.

   The large and unique deposits contain hundreds and thousands of tons of invisible gold . We propose a new way to search for such deposits. The search method is cheap, quick, effective and available to everyone prospector.
Fig 1. Gold looking prospectors   of all ages. The tool is simple. Internet photo.
Fig 2. Most small gold is difficult to see in black panned sample (concentrate). Internet photo.
   Even more difficult to see the dark heavy minerals of tungsten, tin, platinum and others.  Today  washed river sediments containing gold is greater than 1 gram / cubic meter. Gold Panning - hard work. A cubic meter of soil weighs more than 2 tons.
   Laboratory analysis showed the presence of gold in black  concentrate, even where it is not visible eye. A lot of gold in a gray concentrate, which washes away prospector Scientists have found in gray concentrate floating gold, gold in quartz and gold in sulfides. Most of the invisible gold in pyrite, galena, arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite.
   For more than 50 years in the analysis are given to millions of soil samples from the slopes of the mountains and the sand  with silt from the river valleys (Fig 3). Found deposits with reserves of tens and hundreds of tons of gold and other metals. But nobody makes a laboratory analysis of gray material concentrate.
Fig 3. Taking 300-500 grams of sand from river sediments. Canada. Internet photo.

   More than a hundred years, no Prospector, or Yukon geologists could find indigenous sources of gold in the Klondike richest placers.  Everyone wanted to find a quartz vein- Mother with native gold. Prospector Shawn Ryan of Dawson began to look for the invisible gold in soil samples. Laboratory analysis after 8 years of research showed the sample to the industrial metal content. Junior company found the ore zone 3 x 12 km and Kinross for 139 million dollars bought this company. It began the second gold rush in search of native gold.  Of the 120 companies, only four or five companies caught happiness.  Some have lost up to $ 25 million. In vain. No one  take from the rivers to the analysis of a gray concentrate!  The new craze in the world - find nuggets of precious metal detectors. Metal detectors are looking for native gold is only at a shallow depth.
   We went the other way. And luck did not leave us even once in 40 years. In Chukotka (it's next to Alaska) after analyzing 165 samples of black concentrate in an area of 2076 square kilometers identified gold (anomalies - maximum / minimum)- (833), silver (322), tin (217), copper (185), bismuth (153),   molybdenum (122), lead (111),  tungsten (50), cobalt ( 38), beryllium (35), zinc (12), yttrium (10), manganese (8).
   Contoured three ore node. On one of 22 promising sites had conduct exploration quartz veins with a gold content of up to 60.8 g / t and silver up 19819gr / t. Trench opened the area where the gold contained in the 1m to 5,3gr / t and silver up to 3654 g / t. Probable reserves   deposit Terkeney  exceeds 16 t of gold and silver  1596 t.
   Today, this deposit (analogue Kupol), Kinross interested company that operates in Russia for over 20 years. She did not lose, because in an area of 2076 sq km geochemical resources were as follows:  Gold - 101t silver - 3800 t, tin - 45000 t , 32000 t of bismuth, molybdenum – 26000 t , 9.1 million tonnes of zinc, copper -. 120000 t, lead -30000 t, beryllium - 2900 t. The resources are summarized: perspective areas of Terkeney, Cremovyi, Razdolny, Martyn and others.      Along the way, Kinross Gold won two auctions in Chukotka. The Erguveem area has potential resources of 37 t of gold and 340 t of silver (acquired for $0.7 million). The Pepenveem area potentially has 61 t of gold and 2860 t of silver (acquired for $1.1 million)  Later on other areas of Chukotka our analysis not only black but gray concentrate has been applied. Were confirmed by all the old and the findings of geologists discovered new deposits of tin content up to 12%, palladium - up to 2.03 g / t.
   And in some duplicate samples mineralogical analysis even after 8 years mineral diamond indicators were found.  The collapse of the Soviet Union did not give the possibility to carry out the exploration of new finds.
   The author's method for finding large deposits of a wide range of items has been tested in British Columbia (Canada).
   In 2017 it became known that instead of Kinross on the Terkeney perspective area licenses were granted to GDK "Siberia" (Terkeney) and OAO "Rosgeologia" (Cremovy). 40 tons of gold and 1,000 tons of silver were discovered at Cremovoy.

Experienced Audit shlihogeohimiya (SHGH) on 50-60 elements
1. Result SHGH pilot testing of the delta of the Fraser River.
Fig 4. Fraser River waterslend. Internet photo.

3 options:

1)-2010 year-Delta, (26) samples. (max ppm/min ppm): 
Cu -24, Ni-20, Pb-20 (1%), Bi-15, Mo-10, Sn-10, Ag-8-40, Ga -7, Zn -6, Cr -6, Co -4, V -4, B-3, Zr -3-4, As -3-8, Mn -3, Ti -3, Ge -2

Analysis of gray sand samples taken in the Alexandrov (Russia).

2)-2013, March- Delta, 3 samples:
Сu-791, Y-383, Pb-255, Mn-241, Zn-238, Fe-211, Mo-116, Ce-107, Ti-90, Sr-83, Ni-77, Al-70, Na-70, Ba-66, Au-47, Co-45, Ca-40, As-30, Mg-30, P-30, V-30, Cr-29, Rb-27, Zr-27, Ga-27, Li-27, Sb-18, Th-14, Ag-13, La-10, Cs-9, Nb-8, K-7, Cd-6, Hf-4, Sn-3, U-3, Bi—2, Sc-2, Tl-1, Be-1, (B,W,S,Hg,Se,Te,Ge,Ta,In,Re,Pd,Pt) < 1.

 3)-2013, June-Delta, 3 samples:
Cu-716, Y-512, Mn-258, Zn-274, Pb-212, Ni-161, Fe-152, Ba-131, Ti-125, Ce-120, Mo-115, Na-110, Al-107, Sr-76, Li-67, Cr-53, Ca-50, Co-49, Mg-48, Cs-48, Zr-37, Rb-33, Sc-33, Ga-32, P-23, Ag-18, V-18, As-14, Th-11, La-11, Cd-10, Sb-9.5, K-9, Nb-9, Au-4, Hf-4, Sn-4, Hg-3, Bi-2.5, B-2, U-0.3, Se<2, (Tl, Te, Be)-1, (W, S, Ge,  Ta, In, Re, Pd, Pt) <1

   Analysis of gray concentrate taken in the Vancouver (Canada).
   Analysis revealed Mineral deposit:  Gibraltar(Cu, Mo), Highland Valley (Cu, Mo), Endako (Mo), Mount Polley (Cu, Au, Ag) , Bralorn (Au-85t ,Ag, Pb, Cu) , Prospect Valley (Au-5t) , 4 placer (Au, Pt )- Fraser River, Thompson, Cariboo, Omineca. (Fig.5)
   Result : recommendation search for new deposits Сu (Mo), Y(Ti,Ce),  Pb, Zn, Mn, Au...
Fig 5. Map of mineral resources of BC. 2000. Fragment.

   The conclusion of scientists about the prospects of British Columbia for the presence of large and unique copper-molybdenum porphyry and polymetallic deposits SHGH testing of the delta of the Fraser confirmed three times.  But the results of this test allow to forecast and the presence of large deposits of elements yttrium and cerium groups -Yttrium (Tb-Dy-Ho-Er-Tm-Yb-Lu-Y) and Cerium (La-Ce-Pr - Nd- Sm-Eu-Gd), manganese deposits, iron, titanium, nickel and others.
   The result can be offered in the Guinness Book of Records.

2. The result of geochemical prospecting of gold deposits in Yukon.

   Processing the author analyzes the data of 31000 benthic samples  (Fig 3) collected by Canadian firms to the second Gold Rush (2012), made it possible to outline the next ranked a number of   elements :
Pb-8090,Au-6260, As-3800 (19000), Mn-5000, Sb-1700 (2800 ), Hg-1,190 (two thousand seven hundred eighty), Cu-1125, Cd-1100, Ni-1030 (240), V-1782, Br-1740, B-1000, U-877 (1603), Ag-870, Mo-815 (2480), Ce-725, F-690, Lu-625, Zn-600 (2400), La-563, Ba-550 (5850), Co-550, Se-500, Sm-465, Ti-444, Br-435, W-428 (800), Eu-372, Sc-336, Cs-305, Hf-300, Cr-300, Rb-299, Tl-284, Sn-286 (3680), S-282, Mg-256, Bi-233, LOI-200, Na-152, Sr-140, Fe-83, Th-69 (209), Ga-64, Ta-44, K-40, Tb-40, Yb-36 , P-30, Te-27
   Anomalous concentrations of lead are required to close Pb \ Zn deposits: Faro - 63 Mt @ 5.5% Zn, 5.5% Pb, 41 g / t Ag. Vangorda - 6 Mt @ 4.6% Zn, 3.5% Pb, 50 g / t Ag. Grum - 30 Mt @ 5% Zn, 3.5% Pb, 50 g / t Ag. DY - 21 Mt @ 6.7% Zn, 5.5% Pb, 48 g / t Ag. Swim - 4.5 Mt @ 5.5% Zn, 4% Pb, 51 g / t Ag, 0.27% Cu, 0.7 g / t Au -aurum (gold).

   Anomalous concentrations of gold - the placers of the Klondike and confirm the presence of ore gold deposits. Our method for such a conclusion is sufficient in all 310 SHGH samples.
   Areas with anomalous gold background - more than 1000 units - seventeen. However, only five of large deposits have been involved in geological exploration since 2012 (Fig 6).
Fig.6 Gold and complex deposits Yukon involved in geological exploration since 2012. Internet photo.

   Leading elements of the ranked series (Pb, Au, As, Sb, Hg, Cu), identified by ATAC firm in Yukon facilities (by Anubis, and others), allows for exploration to find an analogue of a unique American field Carlin (gold reserves of approximately 3,000 tons, resources - about 10000t The content of gold 1.6-3.2g / t gold in sulfides size 0.3-0.04 microns sulphides about 5% -.. pyrite (gold in it to a few kg / t), arsenopyrite, realgar, antimony, quartz, barite, fluorite.
Characteristic bring in ore field Fe, Ba, As, Hg, Sb, Pb, Zn, Cu, W, Au, Ag, S).
   Today, At present, no firm selection SHGH sample analysis not available. It is superior to sampling of bottom sediments five times in terms of efficiency, ten times representativeness and two to three times as effective. On the revision of the Yukon will require no more than 180 samples, the audit of British Columbia - no more than 150 samples.
Fig. 7 British Columbia
Fig.8 Hydrological and roads Yukon province. Van. Here it is sufficient to select the order of 150 samples.

3. Result SHGH  pilot testing of empty areas of British Columbia.
"Empty" space <L>
Fig. 9 Empty area "L". 12 rivers. 700 sq km
Fig.10 The scheme of 12samplles with 12 rivers.

Of gray sand samples analysis results - Fig 24 and 25.
The distribution of 53 elements with an increased level brings (max / min):
As -148, Bi-75, W-55, Au-42, Ni-38, Cr-20, Cd-19, Sb-16, Th-15, Mg-13, Nb-12, Ag-11, Pb-12, U-10, Cs-10, V-7, Li-7, Co-6, Cu-5.9, Ce-5.1, La-5, Mn, Mo-4.6, Sn,P-5, Sc-4.5, Hf-4.5, Na-4.4, Ca-4.2, Y-4.2, Te-4, Zn, Fe-3.5, (Ba, Al,Tl, Hg, Rb,Y, Zr, Be)-3, (Ti, K, Ga, Ge)-2, In-1.5, Re-1.
Fig.11 Au, Ag, W, Sn, As, Te  and others                 Fig.12 Cd, B, Se, Hf, Y, Th, U, Nb  and others
Fig.13 Ba, Zr, Li, Be, Sr, Ga, Cr and others                 Fig.14 Prospective areas for gold (left) and
                                                                                      tungsten et al.(right)

"Empty" space <P>

Fig.15 Scheme of samples empty space "P". 6 rivers (6 samples)

   Of gray sand sample analysis results - Fig 24. The distribution of 53 elements with an increased level brings (max / min): Re>8, W>8, Au-8.5, Sc,Sn,Bi-3, Sr-2.7,Nb,Cs,V,Ca-2.6,Al-2.5, Fe,Ti-2.4, Zr,Y,P-2.3, As-2.2, Cu,Mg, Hf, La, U-2, Co,Ba, Th-1.9,  Sb, Ce-1.8, Li, Mn, Pb, Cr-1.7, Hg-1.6, Te, Ga-1.5, Zn, Ni,Tl, Rb, -1.3, K, Be-1
Fig.16 Re, W, Au and others                                            Fig.17 Prospective areas for gold (left) and
                                                                                         Re,W eteal. (right)

"Empty" space  <B>

Fig.18 The circuit arrangement of the samples on the "B" Square 1600 sq km. 4 samplings.

   Of gray sand sample analysis results - Fig 24. The distribution of 53 elements with an increased level brings (max / min): W-18, Hg-13.1, Ba-13.7, (Te, Se, Sb, Pb, Bi)-3-3.3, (Ag, Sn, Mo, Cd)- 2-2.4,  (Li, As, La, Cs, Hf, Zr, Ce)- 1.8-1.9, (Zn, Rb, Nb, Y, In, Tl, Th)- 1.6-1.7, (Cu, Mn, Au, Ga, Be, Sr)-1.3-1.4, (V, Sc, B, Cr, Re)- 1.0-1.2.
Fig.19 Distribution of anomalous elements                Fig.20 Promising area by Au W (black), Hg
                                                                                (red), Ba, Li b (blue bar), Au, Pt, Pd (blue ring).
   Sum of the contents of ore elements in the square «В» - 130.0, «l» - 95.4, «P» - 68.8.   Area"B", we recommend that for the second stage SHGH searches - search stage works.
   In this area of Relay Creek Basin (B4-11 sample) in previous years produced tungsten (34 tons), mercury (540 kg), gold (2.2kg), silver (18 kg), copper (193kg).
   Note the sample Br2 and Br3 (Fig 25). SHGH samples taken from the river to the copper deposit Britannia. It was enough, and one sample that would find mine!
   SHGH method for finding promising areas and fields around Vancouver (Fig 21) showed his positive qualities.
   We are convinced that SHGH samples may give cheap fast and efficient evaluation of how large areas (Fig 4) and pools of small rivers.
Fig.21 Vancouver. The work area.
Fig.22 New samples are awaiting analysis.

Our hobby - searching for ore deposits 53 elements.

   British Columbia (Canada). Near Vancouver over the weekend to hit the target gray concentrate from the delta of the Fraser River deposits (Fig 4) - 32 samples. Below are the results of the analysis of 82 samples of gray concentrate of 82 small rivers (Fig. 23, 24, 25).
   Element - Area - The content of the element / Level bring times (max / min):
Ag- (L9-1) -815 ppb. / 42 . Al- H-3.2% / 3.9. As - L-79.1 ppm / 39. Au- (L9-1) -7820 ppb / 4344, (B4-13) -7548 ppb / 12581, (H4-6) -1270ppb / 6354. B – (B)-34ppm / 34 . Ba - B-647ppm / 25. Be - H-0.8ppm / 8. Bi - L-1.5 ppm / 75. Ca - B-1.3 ppm / 7. Cd - Br-1.41 ppm / 23. Ce - H-49.8 ppm / 6.7. Co - B-44.2 ppm / 14. Cr - B-1011 ppm / 78. Cs - H-4.9 ppm / 8.5. Cu - Br-293.25 ppm / 40. Fe - B-10.14% / 6.1. Ga - 12 ppm / 5.7. Ge - B, H- 0.2 ppm / 2.. Hg - 3641 ppb / 728. In - Br-0.09 ppm / 4.5. K - H-0.28% / 4. La - H-24.6 ppm / 7. Li - L-29.4 ppm / 3.8. Mg - B-8.19% / 43. Mn - L-1032 ppm / 4.3. Mo - H-6.09 ppm / 19.6. Na - P-0.163% / 8. Nb - H-1.21 ppm / 40. Ni - B-742.4 ppm / 148. P - B-0.116% / 6.4. Pb - Br-98.03 ppm / 90. Pd - B-16 ppb / 2. Pt - B-4 ppb / 2. Rb - H-22.1 ppm / 5. Re - P-8 ppb /> 8. S - LW-0.28% / 14. Sb - H-2.01 ppm / 40. Sc - B-11 ppm / 10. Se - LW-0.7 ppm / 7. Sn - Br-5.2 ppm / 26. Sr - P-164.5 ppm /11.5. Ta - LW-0.24 ppm / 12. Th - B-15.9 ppm / 31.8. Ti - H-0.351% / 5.3. Tl - H-0.25 ppm / 8.3. U - B-7.4 ppm / 37. V - B-316 ppm / 15. W - B-30.8 ppm / 308. Y - L-13.74 ppm / 4.2. Zn - Br-283 ppm / 16.5. Zr - B-14.8 ppm / 24.6.
   The most promising area of - H, L, B, (P) according to the above analysis SHGH  samples :    Au-12581, Hg-728, W-308, Ni-148, Pb-90, Cr-78, Bi-75, As-49, Mg-43, Ag-42, (Sb,Cu,Nb)-40, U-37, B-34, Th-31, Sn-26, Ba-25, Zr-24, Cd-23, Mo-19, Zn-16, V-15, (Co,S)-14, Ta-12, Sr-10, (Cs,Re)->8, (Tl,Br,Na)-8, (La,Se,Ca)-7, (Fe,Ce,P)-6, (Ti,Ga,Rb)-5, (In,K,Y,Mn)-4, Al-3, (Ge,Pt,Pd)-2.
   Analysis revealed Mineral deposit (Fig 18, 20).
Fig.23 The maximum and high content of elements in the squares of "H" and others. Fragment.
Fig.24 The maximum and high content of elements in the squares  of "P", « L», "H", "B". Fragment.
Fig.25 The maximum and high content of elements in the squares of « L», "H" and Britannia. Fragment.
   The work carried out by 2 people - Prospector and the driver.  Each gray concentrate sample weighs 300-500 grams . Fraction size - 1 mm. A materiaj for the lab - 30-50 gr. Metod WGHT – 1F15. Price analysis of the sample 1 is less than 50 dollars. Analysis time - 7-15 days (Acme Analitical Lab. LTD). A new analysis of 76 samples (Fig 22) from the same territory in 2017 not only confirmed earlier findings, but also brought them to new promising projects:        
Pt (> 50000), Au (54215), Hg (1118), As (942), W (739), Bi (630), Ba (392), Pd (375), Ag (342), Pb (323), V (314), Cu (269), Sr (>200), Ni (157), Zn (152), Ca (145), Mg (140), Sb (139), Cd (110), Zr (122), Al (100), Cr (98), Fe (94), Li (71), Ga (66), Sn (55), Se (63), Co (52), P (51), Ti (49), Cs (470), Mn (46), Y (46), Re (41), Rb (41),U (38), Te (32), Mo (30), Th (28), Na (28), La (26), B (16), Hf (16), Se (14), Rb (14),K (13), S (11), In (9), Ce (7), Ge (6), Tl (6), Be (5), Ta (0).
Analysis revealed Mineral deposit Tulameen, Bralorne  and others.

1- Confirmed old deposit.
2- Found new promising areas.
3- Recommendations to search for primary sources of placer gold and platinum  and  deposits of new types of minerals - rare and scattered elements, diamonds, gemstones.
4- Superbly identified river poisoned with mercury, antimony, arsenic.
5- The territory of British Columbia and the Yukon deserve statement SHGH searches to identify new formations of large deposits of a wide range of elements.
Prospectors (Fig 1) can now find ore deposits invisible gold reserves in thousands of tons.

Letter to firms :  Gold Miner's Collection

   53 chemical elements in gray concentrate. Information on each element: clark, world deposits, promising areas near Vancouver, minerals, prices, news.Hello.

Thanks for the info.

   Geochemical revision of areas and objects. A new method of searching for ore objects of 53 elements is now available to all (PDAC). We will show ore deposits of all 53 elements in the world and their availability next to Vancouver (198 new samples), the main minerals, prices and applications
   In your collection- Ag. Al, As, Au, B, Ba, Be, Bi, С, Ca, Cd, Ce, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Fe, Ga, Ge, Hf, Hg, In, K, La, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Nb, Ni, P, Pb, Pd, Pt, Rb, Re, S, Sb, Sc, Se, Sn, Sr, Та, Te,Th,Ti,Tl,U,V,W,Y,Zn,Zr = 53 chemical  elements  plus  carbon (diamonds).

Today is the day of the –  Zirconium.
Geochemical anomalies (maximum / minimum): Yukon (area 482450 sq. km) –          Fraser River (area 238000 sq.km) –Vancouver (area 300 х 300 кm)
New geochemistry - new perspectives!
A new method of searching is the Sensation of the Century:
1 - the Prospector sees, with the exception of gold, even more than 50 elements.
2- Prospective areas and deposits can be found in two to three years.
3 - The number of search samples is reduced by 100 times.
4- Search efficiency is higher than the old methods are 9-10 times ...
5- The metallogeny of the Fraser River basin (area of ​​220,000 sq km) is determined after testing only the delta. The result is checked three times. Achievement can be nominated in the Guinness Book of Records.
6- For the first time a new type of samples revealed positive prospects for the discovery in the valley of the Fraser River of a large deposit of rare elements of the yttrium and cerium group.
7- A new search method allows the Prospector to look for diamonds, old deposits are confirmed by a small number of samples, an assessment is made of the prospects of the ore deposit.

Thank you for your attention. We will be grateful for your comments.

Genn Kap Geologist, expert.

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