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Письмо от George Bilt по вопросу атаки Боинга.

     Очень много шума по вопросу подлинности атаки малайзийского Боинга истребителем. Прочитал о том, что почта фиктивная и такого человека как George Bilt не существует. Не скажу на счет самого George Bilt, а почта georgeabilt@gmail.com живая и рабочая. Написал я ему письмо и получил ответ.
Без комментариев выкладываю его письмо. Читайте, анализируйте, думайте.
I think owe you an explanation or possibly a disclaimer if you will.
Here comes my side of the story.
First, explaining my motivation.
The war in Eastern Ukraine is a huge tragedy but as many people I was totally shocked by MH17 crash. I do believe.that this is our Christian and civic duty to fully pursue and embrace the truth - for those 300 innocent victims - but ultimately for our own moral and civilizational survival.
Because this is a very bad world indeed where they murder 300 innocent people in a broad daylight and go unpunished. This is not about Ukraine or Russia, or the rebels. This goes beyond and above of any petty geopolitical or political games or even (!) wars. This is the ultimate choice between the good and the evil. This is about our own self-preservation from the moral andpossibly physical Armageddon. Truth is the only way of our survival.
Second, trying to understand what happened with MH17 and trying to help.
Since July 17 I have been collecting various MH17 related and investigation pertinent materials, links and information (in various languages). I passed it first of all to the Dutch Safety Board, including this specific satellite (?) photo which unexpectedly hit the news yesterday and its source reference (the original forum message and link dated October 15, 2014). Recently I also came across the MH17 crash analysis prepared by RUE (Russian Union of Engineers / Mr. Andrievsky), conveniently posted both in German and English. Their analysis seemed to me as one of the more systematic and quality attempts available by now to investigate this crash. I also believe that MH17 was more probably shot down by a jet fighter than any anti aircraft missilesystem.
I am not taking any sides in this conflict. I have no idea why and who did it. Suffice it to say that any war is a source of immense chaos and confusion. Quite often people do lose control and minds at war. Any men with arms and sense of power could present risks, violence and danger.
This is not ethnic – this is human. Anything could have happened. There is no way to know.
Third, reaching out to RUE / Mr. Andrievsky.
Having read their analysis, I contacted RUE / Mr. Andrievsky via email. Giving my version of the possible or probable jet fighter attack and sending them the (possible) satellite photo in question (again found via social networks however reliable) as a potential hint or tips for their further investigation, if any with the following source reference (sent to them via a followup email / see below verbatim):

The source of the below attached satellite photo is http://obkon.ucoz.com/forum/59-1403-1

As per messages 14 through 17. It says in essence there (in Russian) that this photo was received from the Russian Wikileaks / specific source not indicated and as per the UTC time format it could have been made by some American (read Western, commercial, non Russian etc) or intelligence satellite. It was definitely not made by any Russian satellite. Possibly more information could be obtained from the person who posted this file on the forum.


I had no knowledge or means of proving and researching if this was an authentic satellite photo or not (it was clearly available online since mid October – not really such a new discovery too).

RUE seemed to possess such research means and resources. I do not know if this was my mistake in evaluation.

Fourth, an unexpected outcome.
What I definitely completely did not expect to see is both this email (sent in implicit confidence) and (unconfirmed!) satellite photo from social networks suddenly popping up in mass media. Without the above properly provided source reference, without my permission and with a statement that this photo was basically done or found by me. Even though This is either a clear misrepresentation and / or cultural misunderstanding. I never knew and never stated if this was an authentic or unique photo.
I again believe based on the available information that MH17 was more probably shot down by a jet fighter. Do I know it? No. Could I be wrong? Yes (now more than ever!). Am I aninvestigation professional (quite unique skills)? Again no. As a minimum this is an option which needs to be fully exhausted and studied.
Indeed, it appears that the MH17 investigation is going slow, tight and hard due to
many reasons. The official details are quite scanty so far too. This is frustrating for many more people. That is why I sincerely tried to do something about it, to possibly help moving it.
Hoping to come closer to finding out the truth about this horrible tragedy.
I am quite unhappy that my bona fide informal attempt possibly became a source of yet another battle in a media war. Possibly via a misunderstanding. This was definitely not my intention. I am also not looking for a cheap fame. This tragedy is simply too awful to gain from it.
I am sorry for all those people I might have indirectly and unintentionally misled or disappointed by this unexpected mess in anyway.
My takeaway lesson – this is more complex and confusing than it seems. This is important to bediscreet, humble and patient. Let us all calm down. I do believe that the Dutch Safety Board will find the truth as 200 of their compatriots were killed in this tragedy.
Personally and professionally, I will not continue with this amateurish investigation effort due to the rather insane highly confrontational situation prone to escalation and with the elements of media war.
You are welcome to publish this.
Best Regards,
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